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Mental Health and Stress Relief
Act Mindfully Unrestricted Resource
Website and information about ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a powerful mindfulness-based therapy and coaching model.

Creating a Mindful Library Unrestricted Resource
A sampling of essential books—both new and classic—specifically for those interested in living mindfully.

Free meditation Unrestricted Resource
Articles, videos and online courses designed to help users learn about meditation

Meditation Oasis Unrestricted Resource
Comprehensive website for learning about meditation; simple instructions for a variety of practices, including walking, nature and music meditations. Site also includes links to dozens of guided meditation podcasts on a number of topics including relaxation, compassion, renewal and loneliness. 

Mindfulnet Unrestricted Resource
The mindfulness information website.

Psychology Today/Mindfulness Unrestricted Resource
Psychology Basics on the present moment awareness of mindfulness.
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Learning Express Library
This website offers resources like free practice tests, interactive tutorials, eBooks, and much more: all you have to do is create a free account!

Learning Express Library Restricted Resource
Free online courses to improve basic skills (Adult Learner), workplace skills (Career Center) college readiness skills (College Center), and computer skills (Computer Skills).
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