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Cross Cultural Health
Communication and Language

Health Information in Multiple Languages (Medline)

Health Information Translations
Provides education resources in multiple languages for health care professionals and others to use in their communities. Resources are easy to read and culturally appropriate.

Think Cultural Health: Guide to Providing Effective Communication and Language Assistance Services
The Guide will help you and your organization provide effective communication and language assistance services to culturally and linguistically diverse individuals receiving care and services from your organization. Register to access the Guide.


  • Cultural Care Connection (StratisHealth)
  • EthnoMed
    Information about culture, language, health, illness and community resources directly accessible to health care providers who see patients from different ethnic groups.
  • Health Reach (NLM)
    Health information in many languages.
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Handbooks and Manuals
Handbook of Patients' Spiritual and Cultural Values for Health Care Professionals (HealthCare Chaplaincy, 2013)
Includes chapters on Western and Eastern religions as well as Baha'i, Rastafarian, Santeria, Voodoo, and Wicca; also chapters on major American cultures, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern/Northern African, East Indian, East Asian, and Euro-Asian cultures.

A Provider's Handbook on Culturally Competent Care: Women's Health (Kaiser Permanente, 2009)
Includes chapters on demographics, health beliefs and patterns of care, and lesbian health.

Diversity Toolkit (Cleveland Clinic)
Includes sections on different patient groups, considerations before providing care, meals, hospital attire, communication, reituals, and end-of-life care.

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